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NASA Live Stream - Earth From Space LIVE Feed | ISS tracker & live chat

Thanks for watching Space Videos : Live video of Earth from space - as seen from the Nasa ISS live stream aboard the International Space Station.

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The International Space Station - ISS - circles the earth at 240 miles above the planet, on the edge of space in low earth orbit.

The station is crewed by NASA astronauts as well as Russian Cosmonauts and a mixture of Japanese, Canadian and European astronauts as well.

The Expedition 63 Crew are: NASA's Chris Cassidy and Roscosmos' Anatoly Ivanishin and Ivan Vagner

Beautiful views of planet Earth seen from the ISS. As seen from the Nasa space video ISS live stream - A real astronaut view of Earth!

THIS WILL SHOW LIVE and PRE-RECORDED FOOTAGE - depending on signal from the station or if the ISS is on the night side of Earth.

When the feed is live the words LIVE NOW will appear in the top left hand corner of the screen.
As the Space Station passes into a period of night every 45 mins video is unavailable - during this time, and other breaks in transmission, recorded footage is shown .
When back in daylight the live stream of earth will recommence

Thanks for joining us here on Space Videos to share these wonderful views of our home -
This ISS live feed of planet earth from space is courtesy of Nasa Earth Viewing Cameras aboard the international space station. The station is crewed by #NASA astronauts as well as Russian Cosmonauts and a mixture of Japanese, Canadian and European astronauts as well.

Before you ask -
Why can't we see the stars?

The cameras have a low light exposure for viewing Earth in daylight, so no stars are seen on the feeds, although the Sun, Moon and Venus can be seen. The Earth or moon on these videos is many hundreds of thousands of times brighter than the brightest stars and the cameras shoot at 60 frames per second - with an exposure that allows us to get a good view of the Earth. This exposure is too short to capture stars which are incredibly faint compared to the brightness of the planet. (Its down to photography rather than conspiracy!)

What do those different screens mean?

The bottom left screen shows photos of Earth taken by ISS astronauts.
The middle screen shows the current position of the Space Station (the large white H shape!)
The bottom right will is a 2nd live cam which will display timelapse video when the live stream is not available.

#nasalive #ISSlive #earthfromspace

If you are here to talk about a flat earth then please don't bother. You can stay and watch our beautiful globe earth as it spins in space , but please don't share your nonsense beliefs in our chat.

Got a question about this feed? Read our FAQ's
We encourage people to join in our live chat but ask that you are respectful of others. Rude and inappropriate comments will not be tolerated. We ask that you chat in English so everyone can participate together and also to enable us to identify any inappropriate comments.

#livechat #space #spacetalk #isslive #livestream

Watch the earth roll by courtesy of the NASA Live cameras
International Space Station Live Feed: Thanks to NASA for this
http://www.nasa.gov The ISS passes into the dark side of the earth for roughly half of each of its 90 minute orbits. During this time no video is available. We would recommend that you check out some recorded footage while you wait - click the link above.

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Bringing you the BEST Space and Astronomy videos online. Showcasing videos and images from the likes of NASA,ESA,Hubble etc.

Music by Kevin Macleod

한국 위성사진이 올라오자 충격받은 외국네티즌들 "정말 극단적이야" "미래가 기대된다"

저렇게 극단적인건 처음봐
정말 환경친화적인데?
수리 : 근데요..도시 비율이 80퍼센트라고 하는데요..
강원도 속초시도 도시인가요?제가 속초시에 사는데..제가 알기로는 원래 시골이었다고 들었거든요.. 아파트 건설로 인구가 조금씩 증가했는데..시로 바뀌었습니다..정말로 궁금하서..
wind wind : 마카롱티비가 진짜인지 확인할려고 들어간 후...잠을 못잠...
Cá Sấu Gaming Official : 도대체 마카롱티비가 뭐길래 이렇게 홍보하는지 아시는분??
Breakfast recipes : 그렇게 홍보를 하는데 마카롱티비 아는사람이 한사람도 없냐??
VOLTRIX gaming : 하도 광고를 해대니까 궁금해서 들어가본다!!! 마카롱티비 별거없기만 해봐
Faint corona : 이게다 이승만박사와 박대통령등 이런 선구자였던 사람들이 있었기에 가능했던 것이다. 김구가 정권을 잡았으면 공산화가 되었겠지? 생각만해도 정말 끔찍해...
전병훈 : 울릉도는 뭔데 저리 밝아?
거의 평양급
김준일 : 황금보자기를 두른
검정머리 토끼...
깨비진눈 : 저게 무슨 위성사진이야... 미친색히들.... 그냥 그래픽이구만...
김동국너무잘하시고 순수하게뵈네요 : 탈북삐라 아무것 하지말고 이사진만 보여쥐라

실제 생방송 중에 UFO 격추 시도가 목격된 '충격적' 사건

UFO가 지구 대기권에 진입하자
에너지포를 발사한 사건이 실제로 있었습니다.
[컨볼러]이엥님 : 미국은 다른 행성의 의 생명체를 고문하고 기술을 파는게 맞는거같다
난파야 : 난 왜 외계인이 우리보다 똑똑하다 생각할까 인간같은 지능을가졌을수도있고 인간보다 지능이 떨어질수도 있는데
헤ᄒ ᅦ헿 : ㄹㅇ 나사 수상함 hoxy 임포스터?
jai guru de va om : 혹시 우주여행도 모두 NASA 등에 의한 음모가 아닐까.. 지구는 사실 평평한데 인류를 속이기 위해 둥근 구체로 되어 있고 막연한 우주가 있다는 식으로 이 모든게 거짓이라면..
명순2 : 이 우주는 내꺼야...
jazzboy ހ : 나사들이 외계인일듯
영장님 : UFO 외계인 탑승하고 운전.해서 확인 곳이 지구였어
wh s : 물속 같은데?
그리고 비행체가 아니라 생물의 움직임이고
뭔가 쏘는것도 그 생물에서 나오는거고
세계정복보이 : 잘보고 갑니다
전 구독자46명의 완전 초보유튜버인데
2020년 흥하세요
놀러와 주세요
LOVE EARTH : 저는 비행체 많이 봤습니다.
빨간, 노랑, 파랑, 초록이요 !
그리고 그들은 굳이 색을 안 들어낼수도 있어요 .
순간적으로 투명상태 ? 에 돌입하더라구요. ㅎㅎ


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